A Review of “Planet of Lana”: A Captivating Journey Through a Vibrant World

A Review of “Planet of Lana”: A Captivating Journey Through a Vibrant World

Since the release of Limbo in 2010, cinematic puzzle platformers have captivated players with stunning visuals and mysterious storytelling. Planet of Lana attempts to capture this essence with its beautiful art direction, but falls short of reaching its full potential.

The game quickly throws players into the action, following the young protagonist Lana on a mission to rescue her abducted village. Accompanied by the lovable cat-like companion Mui, their journey takes them through breathtaking landscapes and memorable moments. The artistry in the game is truly remarkable, with picturesque scenes that could be framed as works of art. The enchanting soundtrack further enhances the immersive experience.

While the storytelling and character interactions are enjoyable, the true depth of the world is found in the collectible fragments that provide glimpses into the game’s lore. This adds an intriguing layer of mystery to the experience, allowing players to draw their own conclusions.

Gameplay-wise, Lana’s movements feel deliberate but occasionally lead to frustrations, such as slipping off edges after a successful jump. Puzzle-solving involves moving objects and coordinating actions between Lana and Mui to overcome obstacles. While some puzzles are cleverly designed, they don’t evolve significantly throughout the game, leading to a sense of repetition. The occasional adrenaline-pumping moments, like a race across the desert, provide a welcome change of pace.

Despite its shortcomings in gameplay variety, Planet of Lana remains an enjoyable and visually stunning adventure. The art direction and memorable soundtrack leave a lasting impression, even if the gameplay doesn’t always reach its full potential. Lana and Mui’s rescue mission may not soar as high as expected, but it’s still a competent and beautiful journey worth embarking on.

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