Battle Pass Bonanza and Exciting Updates Dominate September Gaming Scene

Battle Pass Bonanza and Exciting Updates Dominate September Gaming Scene

September witnessed a flurry of activity in the gaming industry, with major titles like Hearthstone, Diablo Immortal, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Merge Mansion, Fishing Clash, and Three Kingdom Tactics (三国志·战略版) introducing new and additional battle passes. This surge in battle passes is a response to Apple’s increased App Store prices in Europe and select Asian markets. Additionally, League of Legends: Wild Rift announced the upcoming inclusion of gachas in their store. On the events front, while September lacked major seasonal and holiday events, games like #Compass rolled out Halloween updates, and Japanese games such as Umamusume Pretty Derby and Blue Archive launched new updates to coincide with the school sports season. Notable anniversaries were celebrated by Candy Crush Saga and State of Survival, marking ten years and three years respectively. Major game updates also garnered success, as seen in the global celebration update for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, which reached the top spot in Japan and the USA on the iOS top-grossing chart. Diablo Immortal’s Forgotten Nightmare update doubled its download figures, thanks to its extensive content additions. For more information on these updates and other captivating highlights of the month, continue reading.

Roblox's latest collaboration with The Chainsmokers added a permanent Chainsmokers World Experience mode, which mixes hybrid and tycoon gameplay mechanics.

US Market Overview In the realm of major updates, League of Legends: Wild Rift introduced a new Battle Pass currency/shop and a limited-time 1v1 mode. Diablo Immortal’s Forgotten Nightmare update included the first significant dungeon since the game’s launch, along with a new event, Battle Pass season, items, cosmetics, and new ways to acquire Legendary Crests. Garena Free Fire captivated its free players by adding a new purpose for trial weapons through its weapon skin lifetime progression system. Project Makeover introduced a guild mechanic with its new Clique feature, and Marvel: Contest of Champions included a new synchronous PvP mode. Lily’s Garden introduced a Home Design side renovation mode as a permanent game mode. Other notable highlights include Candy Crush Saga’s grand 10-year anniversary tournament, Rise of Kingdoms’ IAP raffle for its fourth anniversary, State of Survival’s three-year anniversary event across three stages, and Guns of Glory: Conquer Empires’ festivities for its fifth birthday. Collaborations also took center stage, as Dragon City Mobile themed its dragons around AMC’s The Walking Dead, and Solitaire Grand Harvest joined forces with actress Jane Seymour for a limited-time collectible album event. Roblox’s collaboration with The Chainsmokers added a permanent Chainsmokers World Experience mode. Lastly, Cookie Run: Kingdom began generating excitement for its upcoming BTS concert collaboration, unveiling something new on social media daily.

Interesting Top 200 Grossing Games in the US Market One Punch Man – The Strongest reached the top-grossing 99th position. Triple Match 3D, a game resembling Match 3D, experienced a gradual rise and currently ranks 150th in the top-grossing chart. Infinite Magicraid, a turn-based RPG akin to RAID: Shadow Legends, peaked at the top-grossing 126th position. MMORPG The Legend of Neverland entered the top 200, reaching a high of 148th. Wolf Game: Wild Kingdom, a 4X strategy game, attained the 147th position.

China Market Overview September brought a significant update to the 5v5 MOBA League of Legends: Wild Rift (英雄联盟手游), introducing a new 1v1 PvP mode and monetized gachas in both the Chinese and US versions of the game. The Chinese version enjoyed additional store gachas and events. Three.

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