Boost Player Retention and Monetization with Collaboration Events in Mobile Games

Boost Player Retention and Monetization with Collaboration Events in Mobile Games

If you’re looking to enhance player retention in your mobile game, hosting a collaboration event with a well-known franchise as part of your LiveOps strategy could be the solution you’re seeking. Collaboration events not only engage players but also boost monetization through the introduction of exclusive cosmetic items and collectibles.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang x Kung Fu Panda collaboration

The Popularity of Collaboration Events: Collaboration events are widely popular among top-performing games in markets like Japan and China. More than half of the top 20% performing games in the Japan iOS market utilize collaboration events to boost revenue and downloads. In China, collaboration events are used by over 70% of the highest-grossing games in the market.

Benefits of Collaboration Events: Collaborations provide an opportunity to refresh narrative elements and gameplay mechanics. For example, PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion introduced giant Mechs into the battle royale map, while Cookie Run Kingdom collaborated with BTS, adding a rhythm game mode. Additionally, collaborations allow mobile games to license IP from various sources like film, TV, anime, celebrities, music, and manga, enhancing anniversary and seasonal events.

Key Factors for Successful Collaboration Events: Before embarking on a collaboration, it’s crucial to consider the fit between the IP and your game, the target demographic, and the potential for engaging existing players. Assess how the franchise aligns with your gameplay mechanics and if it offers an opportunity for expansion. Additionally, timing the collaboration with upcoming events or releases can create synergy. A mutual benefit is crucial, as collaboration events help engage lapsed players, increase retention rates, add new content, and provide the IP partner with exposure to the gaming audience.

Examples of Successful Collaboration Events:

  1. Vikingard Collaboration with TV Show Vikings: This collaboration introduced crossover events and main characters from the TV series, resulting in increased downloads and revenue. A new Vikings-themed Battle Pass with unique mechanics further enhanced monetization.
  2. One Piece Collaboration with Six Mobile Games: This collaboration across multiple games capitalized on the success of the One Piece Film Red. Joint progression allowed players to earn rewards across different games, and the introduction of One Piece characters added excitement and revenue.
  3. Mobile Legends Bang Bang Collaboration with Kung Fu Panda: While collaboration with big brands doesn’t guarantee success, this collaboration fell short due to less appealing collaboration skins and poor visibility of the collectible album. In contrast, previous collaborations like Hello Kitty and Transformers generated revenue and new downloads.
  4. PUBG Mobile Collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion: This collaboration incorporated elements from the anime into the battle royale mode, introducing unique gameplay mechanics. Themed rewards and impressive character skins incentivized players to engage, resulting in increased revenue.

Conclusion: Collaboration events offer mobile game developers a powerful tool to boost player retention and monetization. By carefully selecting fitting IPs, planning collaborations, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships, developers can create successful events that engage players and generate revenue.

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