Brands and Mobile Games: Unlocking IP Collaborations

Brands and Mobile Games: Unlocking IP Collaborations

In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of bringing brands and licenses into the realm of mobile games. Joining us are Rachit Moti, CEO and Founder of Layer Licensing, Asi Burak, Chief Business Officer of Tilting Point, and Kalle Heikkinen, Chief Game Analyst at GameRefinery, a Liftoff Company. We explore the challenges of licensing, emerging trends, revenue generation, and Layer’s innovative approach.

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Topics covered in this episode:

  1. How does Layer Licensing facilitate IP integration in games?
  2. Licensing dynamics from the content creator’s perspective.
  3. Trends in incorporating IPs into mobile games.
  4. The significance of regular content updates in Liveops.
  5. Finding the right balance: Can there be brand overkill?
  6. Collaborations driving the Japanese mobile game market.
  7. The rising popularity of character-driven IP partnerships.
  8. Layer Licensing’s association with Netflix.
  9. The interest of brands in licensing their IPs for mobile games.

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