Evolving Monetization: Players’ Response to Gacha Changes in Popular Games

Evolving Monetization: Players’ Response to Gacha Changes in Popular Games

Introduction: In this episode, we delve into the player response to recent changes in popular games such as Brawl Stars, Mario Kart, Diablo Immortal, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Overwatch, Marvel Snap, and Arena Breakout. Specifically, we explore the reasons behind the industry’s shift away from gacha-based monetization systems.

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Effects of Removing Gachas: We examine how the removal of gachas has impacted players’ progression and gameplay experience. Additionally, we analyze the overall impact of these changes on the mobile gaming industry as a whole.

Challenges for Game Developers: Discover the challenges faced by mobile game developers when transitioning away from gachas and implementing new progression systems. We interview Wilhelm Voutilainen, Teemu Palomäki, and Kalle Heikkinen, Chief Game Analysts at GameRefinery, a Liftoff Company, to gain insights into this evolving landscape.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Brawl Stars: Moving away from gachas
  • The impact of gacha removal on revenue
  • Player feedback and response
  1. Diablo Immortal: Shifting from heavy gacha monetization
  • Players’ reactions and feedback
  1. Arena Breakout: Exploring an innovative monetization strategy
  2. Replacing Gachas with Battle Passes: Games adopting new monetization models
  3. Mario Kart: Mixed player feedback on gacha removal
  4. Future of Game Monetization: Legislative considerations and their impact

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