Exciting Highlights from June: Minigames, Anniversaries, and RPGs

Exciting Highlights from June: Minigames, Anniversaries, and RPGs

June was a month filled with thrilling experiences in the mobile gaming world. Let’s dive into the highlights from various games and markets.

Minigame Events: Lords Mobile: Tower Defense, Game of Sultans: Royal Pets, and I’m a True Princess (我本千金) all introduced captivating minigame events, offering unique twists to their core gameplay mechanics. For instance, Game of Sultans’ Merchant Empires event incorporated merge gameplay instead of its traditional RPG/sim mechanics. Meanwhile, the interactive story game I’m a True Princess introduced a puzzler minigame event.

Battle of the Golden Spatula (金铲铲之战) launched a new PVP season with new heroes.

Anniversary Celebrations: June witnessed the grand anniversary celebrations of several popular mobile games. The Seven Deadly Sins and Dragon Ball Legends soared in revenue thanks to their anniversary events, attracting a massive player base. Additionally, Project Makeover and Redecor joined the festivities by introducing LGBT Pride-themed battle passes. Surprisingly, a Japanese mobile-only rhythm game made its mark in the virtual concert space, becoming a prominent player.

RPG Extravaganza: RPG enthusiasts had a lot to rejoice about in June. The highly anticipated release of Diablo Immortal took the gaming world by storm, and turn-based RPGs emerged in the top-200 grossing chart. Even games like Rise of Kingdoms incorporated RPG elements in their updates, providing a rich and immersive experience for players.

US Market Overview: June remained relatively calm in terms of major game updates in the USA. However, some noteworthy updates did occur. The Ants: Underground Kingdom introduced a new upgrading type for Insects and a Medal system for high-level players. Rise of Kingdoms welcomed Egypt as a new faction and engaged players with RPG-themed narratives and alliance quizzes. Garena Free Fire introduced a thrilling 5v5 Bomb Squad mode reminiscent of bomb defusal mechanics in popular FPS games.

Battle Passes and Collaborations: June presented interesting examples of Battle Passes. Jurassic World Alive introduced regular and “Grand Premium Passes,” while Project Makeover and Redecor featured Pride-themed Battle Passes. Dragon Ball Legends and The Seven Deadly Sins celebrated their respective anniversaries with generous freebies, resulting in a substantial boost in revenue. Notably, luxury fashion house Gucci returned to Roblox with Gucci Town, a permanent world inspired by Fall Guys.

China Market Overview: Chinese games also experienced exciting updates in June. Teamfire Tactics and Battle of the Golden Spatula launched new PvP seasons with additional heroes to diversify gameplay. AFK Arena received an update featuring a new skin for the character Peggy and a customizable in-app purchase offer for specific characters. On the other hand, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened witnessed a decline in rankings, losing some of its initial magic.

Japanese Market Overview: Guardian Tales released a new world map with captivating events and offer campaigns, while Gran Saga featured a June Bride-themed story event to celebrate its half-anniversary and the summer beach theme. Project Sekai Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku made waves by hosting its first Connect Live concert, a premium virtual concert experience featuring Vivid BAD SQUAD. Players had to purchase event tickets in advance to attend the full concert.

Exciting Top 200 Grossing Entrants: Several games made notable entries into the top 200 grossing charts. The highly anticipated MMORPG Diablo Immortal quickly climbed to the top 10 in the US market. Arcade street basketball game Quan-min Da Guan-lan reached a peak position at 17. Eternal Tree, Disney Mirrorverse, and 新信長の野望 (a new 4X Strategy game set in the Japanese Sengoku period) also found

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