Exploring Effective Monetization Strategies for New Players

Exploring Effective Monetization Strategies for New Players

Introduction: The onboarding period is a critical phase where players form their relationship with a game’s monetization mechanics. In this article, we will delve into various strategies employed by top mobile games worldwide to introduce monetization features to new players. By examining examples across different genres and markets, we can gain insights into effective onboarding practices.

Garena Free Fire: Mixed Newbie Bundles

Introducing monetization mechanics through free samples: Games like Roblox and tycoon games employ a gentle approach by providing players with free samples of monetized items. For instance, Roblox offers players free accessories, clothes, and characters at the beginning, while showcasing additional customization items available for purchase. Similarly, tycoon games provide players with a free trial to speed up construction or production, familiarizing them with premium currency usage.

New Player Gachas: Gacha-based games aim to introduce players to essential gacha mechanics. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle offers a limited-time Single-Summon gacha for new players, guaranteeing an SSR-rarity character for a low premium currency cost. Call of Duty: Mobile incorporates a gacha tutorial within the first gameplay session, allowing players to experience the system through a free pull. PUBG Mobile integrates a special gacha, the “Rookie Roulette,” tied to beginner achievements and daily tasks, making it an engaging part of the onboarding process.

New Player Offers: Games often provide new player-exclusive in-app purchase (IAP) offers to incentivize early conversion. For example, 梦幻西游网页版 (Westward Journey Browser Edition) features a Daily Offer system, where new players can claim varying daily offers containing progression items. Starter packs, available for a limited time, are another common strategy. They offer exclusive items, such as skins and premium currency, tailored to new players’ needs, creating a sense of urgency.

Rewarding Conversion Itself: Some games go beyond traditional strategies to encourage early conversion. 放置少女〜百花繚乱の萌姫たち〜 (Houchi Shoujo) rewards players generously for making their first real money purchase. The game provides double the regular amount of premium currency, along with character shards and log-in rewards aimed at accelerating progress. This multifaceted incentive approach combines conversion and retention elements effectively.

Summary: During the onboarding process, game developers can elegantly introduce monetization mechanics through free samples, gachas, new player offers, and conversion rewards. By implementing these strategies, games can create an engaging and meaningful experience for new players, leading to improved player retention and monetization. The examples highlighted in this article demonstrate that these mechanics can be adapted across different genres, enhancing the overall onboarding process. For more insights and examples, GameRefinery’s SaaS platform offers a wealth of information to further explore effective onboarding implementations.

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