Insights Unveiled: A Comprehensive Review of the Mobile Game Market in March 2022

Insights Unveiled: A Comprehensive Review of the Mobile Game Market in March 2022

Rounding out the first quarter of 2022, mobile gaming witnessed significant developments as game developers focused on enhancing player engagement. PUBG Mobile celebrated its fifth anniversary by introducing a new creative mode, inspired by Fortnite, where users can create their own gaming experiences.

Notably, Survivor!.io also launched a beta version of a local co-op feature, allowing players using the same connection to team up. In another update, Royal Match introduced a captivating recurring event called Lava Quest, while Goddess of Victory: NIKKE soared to the top-grossing charts in Japan with an adorable dog-themed event.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened (哈利波特:魔法觉醒) held a clothing competition event.

Additionally, March witnessed the emergence of exciting new titles in the top-200 grossing category across the US, China, and Japan markets. Noteworthy releases included a new idle RPG based on Capcom’s renowned fighting game franchise, Street Fighter Duel, and Lingxi Games’ Three Kingdoms Warchess, which secured its place among the top-10 grossing 4X strategy games in China.

Further insights into these game updates and more can be found below.

US Market Overview: PUBG Mobile’s anniversary update featured the beta release of the World of Wonder (WOW) custom game mode, allowing the creation of user-generated content and custom PvP games. Players can enjoy published custom games, while creators can unlock more rights and adjust game rules as their creations gain popularity.

Survivor!.io introduced a beta version of local co-op gameplay, where players on the same router or mobile phone hotspot can join forces and share experience pools and personal skills. Participation in the beta rewards players with exclusive decorative items.

Royal Match introduced the Lava Quest event, challenging players to beat seven consecutive levels without failing. The event incorporates win streak/loss aversion mechanics, creating a sense of competition and shared rewards for successful players.

Interesting top-200 grossing entrants on the market: Call of Dragons, a highly polished 4X strategy game, gained global popularity with its season-based approach and impressive production values, ranking among the top 20-50 grossing games.

Street Fighter Duel, an idle RPG character collector game based on Capcom’s renowned fighting game franchise, achieved significant success, reaching a peak rank of 25 and averaging around the top-110 grossing.

Century Games had two titles that made it to the top 100 grossing list: Whiteout Survival, a 4X strategy game, and Frozen City, an idler game set in a post-apocalyptic frozen world. Both games garnered attention for their unique art style and captivating gameplay.

China Market Overview: Harry Potter: Magic Awakened organized a clothing competition event, emphasizing its cosmetic economy. Players participated in evaluating clothing pieces with changing requirements and rewards, earning event currency for various items. A daily leaderboard allowed players to compare their rankings.

These developments and more shaped the landscape of the mobile gaming industry in March 2022, offering exciting opportunities for players and game enthusiasts alike.

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