Join the ranks of Ravenswatch: Recruitment now open

Join the ranks of Ravenswatch: Recruitment now open

I’ve stumbled upon a couple of intriguing revelations. Firstly, Passtech Games has released a new title in Early Access. These are the talented developers behind Curse of the Dead Gods, a challenging roguelike game that I highly recommend to fans of punishing gameplay. Secondly, their latest game, Ravenswatch, is now available in Steam Early Access, offering a fresh and brutal experience for those seeking a thrilling adventure.

Once a peaceful realm, Reverie is now overrun by Nightmares, and its inhabitants are in desperate need of heroes. This is where the Ravens step in. United against the forces of evil, these courageous individuals have formed the Ravenswatch, and they are extending an invitation for you to join their ranks and reclaim what has been stolen.

In the Early Access version of Ravenswatch, you have the opportunity to control one of six unique Ravens, each with their own playstyle and special abilities. Will you embody Scarlet, the transformed Little Red Riding Hood, or perhaps Franz, the Pied Piper of Hamelin who can command a horde of rats with his magical flute? If these options don’t resonate with you, there are three more Ravens awaiting your discovery.

You can face the Nightmares alone or team up with up to three friends. Choose your allies wisely, for they will be your only companions against an ever-adapting enemy. The Nightmares will reshape the environment and reorganize their forces with each encounter. While Revive Feathers will grant you a second chance at life, the enemy will never relent.

To claim victory, you must defeat the powerful Nightmares controlling each region. Reclaiming three regions is necessary for emerging triumphant. The odds may seem insurmountable, but your team holds the key to hope.

As you spend more time with your heroes, your bond with them will strengthen, unlocking new skills and synergies. With experience and valuable treasures, you will grow in power and resilience, potentially tipping the scales in your favor.

By joining the Early Access now, you can assume control of the six heroes mentioned and experience the first chapter of the game. In the upcoming months, four additional heroes will join the roster, accompanied by the next two chapters, leading up to Ravenswatch’s full release on PC, PS4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch next year.

If the prospect of an action-packed adventure roguelike excites you, Ravenswatch may be an enticing title worth exploring. Head over to Steam now and get involved; who knows, you might become a seasoned pro by the time the full release arrives in 2024. And remember, the unpredictable nature of roguelikes is all part of the exhilarating fun, isn’t it?

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