July Highlights: Genshin Impact, Umamusume Pretty Derby, and Major Updates in Mobile Gaming

July Highlights: Genshin Impact, Umamusume Pretty Derby, and Major Updates in Mobile Gaming

In the month of July, various summer-themed events made a comeback in popular games like Genshin Impact and Umamusume Pretty Derby. Additionally, major content updates were rolled out for Apex Legends: Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Diablo Immortal, keeping players engaged and excited.

Before the concerts and in between, PUBG Mobile presented players with Cheer Event, a monetized side event where players could show their love to the queens of K-pop by splurging money on the IAP Cheer items to get points and a limited title.

One of the notable updates was the introduction of K-pop girl band BLACKPINK in PUBG: Mobile, creating a buzz among players. Puzzle & Dragons also incorporated interesting music integration with gachas, while Beatstar introduced new competitive multiplayer features.

Collaborations and anniversary events were abundant throughout July. Cookie Run: Kingdom partnered with Disney for a massive 50-day collaboration, State of Survival collaborated with the UFC, and Game of Sultans Royal Pets celebrated its fourth anniversary.

The US market witnessed significant updates, with Diablo Immortal and Apex Legends: Mobile being the highlights. Diablo Immortal introduced a class-change mechanic, a new Battle Pass season, raid bosses, legendary equipment items, and a non-recurring event called Hungering Moon. Apex Legends: Mobile added a new character, a map from the console/PC version, and several events and cosmetic items.

PUBG: MOBILE hosted its first in-game concert featuring K-pop stars BLACKPINK, accompanied by new cosmetic items. Other games like Genshin Impact, Royal Match, The Sims™ FreePlay, Slotomania™ Slots Vegas Casino, and Beatstar expanded their events and introduced new elements to enhance the gameplay experience. League of Legends: Wild Rift introduced a monetized event, a reward collectibles album system, and witnessed an increase in revenue.

Moving on to the Chinese market, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened introduced a unique 4v4 co-op game mode with a Battle Royale shrinking area. Fantasy Westward Journey experienced an upgraded return of the 2022 Championship, while other games like Canal Towns and Ling Yun Nuo added new mechanics and leaderboards.

Collaborations were prevalent in China as well, with Langrisser collaborating with the popular manga/anime series Gintama, and The Marvelous Snail partnering with Pokémon to create a new gameplay mode. Ace Racer featured a collaboration event with Hainan Island and celebrated its first anniversary with cash prizes and in-game rewards.

The Japan market focused on music-related updates. Disney Twisted Wonderland introduced Tsum Tsum plushes, and Puzzle & Dragons added a collection system for background music. Other games like Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu, and Pro Soccer Club wo Tsukurou! Road to World introduced new events, collaborations, and characters.

Summer-themed events and gachas were also prominent in Japan’s mobile market during July. Umamusume Pretty Derby, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, and One Piece Treasure Cruise offered exciting summer updates.

Notable top-grossing games included Ying Xiong Lian Meng Dian Jing Jing Li, a League of Legends esports manager game; Diablo Immortal in the Chinese market; Fei E Jian Shen Fang, a merge game; and Wei Ding Shi Jian Bu, an interactive story game. Additionally, Idle RPGs like Xian Yu Zhi Wang and Chi Yue Long Cheng gained popularity in the Chinese mobile game market.

Overall, July was filled with captivating updates, collaborations, and events across the US, Chinese, and Japanese mobile gaming markets, catering to the diverse interests of players.

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