July Mobile Market Highlights: Collaborations, Updates, and New Entrants

July Mobile Market Highlights: Collaborations, Updates, and New Entrants

With the exception of The Qixi Festival in China, July lacked major holidays or seasonal events that led to an increase in mobile events. However, the month was filled with exciting collaborations between major film and TV franchises and mobile games. Vikingard collaborated with the Vikings TV series, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teamed up with Kung Fu Panda, Game of Thrones Conquest promoted House of the Dragon with dragon-themed events, and One Piece Treasure Cruise celebrated the new One Piece film by collaborating with six different mobile games.

Diablo Immortal's Fractured Plane special PvE mode removes the player's character's current skills and equipment and gives them pre-set skills of your class.

Aside from events and collaborations, July brought important updates to popular mobile titles. Diablo Immortal introduced new PvE and PvP modes, LifeAfter added a massive new map, and Cookie Run: Kingdom made tweaks to its Guild Battle system. Guild mechanics gained popularity with the addition of guild features in Words with Friends 2 and Episode – Choose Your Story.

The music industry’s interest in mobile games continued to grow, with Justin Bieber performing in Garena Free Fire following BLACKPINK’s performance in PUBG: Mobile. The article provides more details on these events, updates, and new top-200 grossing entrants from August.

US Market Overview: Diablo Immortal introduced a special PvE mode called Fractured Plane and a 1v15 asymmetric PvP mode titled Echo of the Immortal. The update allowed all players to enjoy the experience on a level playing field by scaling their character’s stats to the same level.

Raid: Shadow Legends updated its Friend Referral system, and Cookie Run Kingdom added new enemies to its Guild Battle system. Words with Friends 2 and Episode – Choose Your Story added guild mechanics, allowing players to chat and participate in co-op challenges.

Various music-themed events took place in August, including Eminem’s takeover of Beatstar, Justin Bieber’s collaboration with Garena Free Fire, and Roblox’s collaboration with the MTV Music Video Awards.

China Market Overview: Sky: Children of the Light introduced an events shop and a special level called “The Void,” leading to a significant spike in revenue. Ling Yun Nuo added a social hangout area similar to WeChat’s Moments, Ao Bi Island: DreamLand’s Mystery of Shadows event included new side modes, and Fusion Crush added a Battle Royale game mode.

Infinite Lagrange celebrated its one-year anniversary with a fireworks minigame. Qixi events (Chinese Valentine’s Day) resulted in festivities in games like Revelation Online, Battle of Fishing, Three Kingdoms Fantasy Land, and Shén wǔ 4. Anipop held a major collaboration event with the Dunhuang museum.

Japan Market Overview: LifeAfter’s massive August update, including the new Sea of Zombie map, boosted both download figures and revenue. Collaborations with other gaming IPs were prominent, with FFBE: War of the Visions collaborating with Dragon Quest Tact and One Piece Treasure Cruise collaborating with six different mobile games.

Anniversary celebrations occurred for Umamusume Pretty Derby, Dragon Quest Tact, and Onegai Shachou! Youkai Watch Punipuni collaborated with Hololive, resulting in a significant revenue increase.

The article also highlights interesting top-200 grossing entrants in each market, such as Tower of Fantasy, Survivor!.io, and Dragon Trail: Hunter World in the US; Shoot/Beat ’em up game Survivor!.io, Path to Nowhere, and Heimao Qiwenshe in China; and FullMetal Alchemist Mobile, Tower of Fantasy, and Quantum Maki in Japan.

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