Mobile Game Highlights: Halloween Events, Collaborations, and Updates

Mobile Game Highlights: Halloween Events, Collaborations, and Updates

The month of October witnessed a flurry of activity in the mobile gaming industry, with various games taking advantage of the Halloween season to host special events. Notable examples include Diablo Immortal’s Hallow’s Wake event, which introduced a limited-time offer menu called Death’s Bargain, and Mario Kart Tour, Brawl Stars, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Last Fortress: Underground, Clash of Clans, State of Survival, and Gran Saga, all of which received spooky makeovers.

Garena Free Fire added a collectibles album known as Trend+ for its exclusive cosmetic outfits.

The Massive Collaboration: Cookie Run: Kingdom x BTS

Among the Halloween events, the collaboration between Cookie Run: Kingdom and Korean boy band BTS stands out for its scale and ambition. This 100-day event brings new gameplay modes, characters, narrative elements, leaderboard competitions, and even a raffle system where players have a chance to win BTS tickets.

Changes in Gacha Elements

October also witnessed significant changes in gacha mechanics across different games. Mario Kart Tour and Brawl Stars removed certain gacha elements, making it easier for players to earn specific items. On the other hand, games like League of Legends: Wild Rift, Westward Journey Online, and Project Sekai Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku introduced new gacha elements into their gameplay.

Updates and Highlights

Several major updates made waves in the mobile gaming market during October. Mario Kart Tour removed direct monetization from its gacha warp pipes, resulting in a shift toward a Daily Spotlight Shop. Clash of Clans introduced a new Town Hall update with a wealth of additions, leading to a remarkable 500% increase in daily iOS revenue. Garena Free Fire added a collectibles album called Trend+ for its exclusive cosmetic outfits. Diablo Immortal’s Halloween event, Hallow’s Wake, brought a unique limited-time offer menu with intriguing features, including a progression bar for limited-time items.

Insights from Different Markets

In the US market, Game of Thrones: Conquest celebrated its 5th anniversary with a Book of Conquest event arc, while Clash of Clans experienced a significant boost in revenue following its Town Hall update. China, though not known for Halloween celebrations, introduced seasonal events in games like Three Kingdoms Fantasy Land. In Japan, LifeAfter collaborated with Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Gran Saga presented Halloween-themed content and story events.

Noteworthy Entrants in Top Grossing Charts

Several games made an impact in the top grossing charts across different markets. In the US, Path to Nowhere, Wolf game: The Wild Kingdom, and Undecember gained recognition. In China, Be the King, MMO Dynasty Legends 2, and Action RPG Sky Fortress attracted attention. In Japan, Re:Zero-Starting Life in Another World Infinity, MementoMori: AFKRPG, Echocalypse, and NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- stood out.

The month of October was filled with thrilling events, collaborations, and updates in the mobile gaming landscape. From Halloween-themed celebrations to massive collaborations and gameplay changes, the industry continues to captivate players around the world.

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