Mobile Market Highlights: Collaborations, Comebacks, and Anniversary Celebrations

Mobile Market Highlights: Collaborations, Comebacks, and Anniversary Celebrations

November witnessed a flurry of activity in the mobile market, as popular games partnered with major brands and celebrities to expand their user acquisition and create new revenue streams. Notably, football-themed content took center stage in the US, overshadowing Thanksgiving plans. Games like Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang collaborated with renowned footballers, offering them as playable characters and exclusive skins.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s latest update featured World Cup-related content.

However, the collaborations extended beyond the football pitch. War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius joined forces with a TikTok superstar, while Jantama’s second collaboration with a popular anime propelled it to the top of the charts. Additionally, Sky: Children of the Light enlisted the talents of Norwegian popstar Aurora, strengthening its position in the Chinese market.

November also witnessed the resurgence of some games. My Singing Monsters, released nearly a decade ago, experienced a revival thanks to TikTok’s virality and ranked among the top 50 grossing titles. Angry Birds 2 introduced its first new character in seven years, along with a Pick Your Flock feature, attracting players to explore unique battle strategies.

Here’s a closer look at the highlights from the mobile markets of the US, China, and Japan:

US Market Overview:

  • Call of Duty: Mobile launched the Battle Pass Vault as part of its Season 10 World Class update, allowing players to purchase battle passes from previous seasons.
  • Genshin Impact introduced the Fabulous Funghi Frenzy event, offering players the chance to catch mushroom creatures and train them for a tournament.
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang celebrated Chinese Singles Day with the Double 11 Mega Sale and added unlockable skins based on Brazilian football star Neymar.
  • PUBG Mobile’s Global Chicken Cup featured a football-themed event with the participation of Lionel Messi and added Maserati vehicles as in-game skins.

Japan Market Overview:

  • Gran Saga celebrated its first anniversary by introducing a new playable character, Leon, and witnessed a significant increase in downloads.
  • My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact marked its 1.5 anniversary with the introduction of the Case Files mode, challenging players to help the police fight crime.
  • Mahou Tsukai no Yakusoku enhanced its monetization efforts during its third anniversary, resulting in a substantial revenue boost.
  • Jantama’s collaboration with anime Saki: The Nationals propelled the game to the top of the charts.

China Market Overview:

  • Westward Journey Online marked its 20th anniversary with a Chivalry Popularity Contest, inviting players to showcase their chivalrous spirit.
  • JJ Doudizhu celebrated its 15th anniversary by adding a new gacha reward mechanic.
  • Fantasy Westward Journey invited players to make World Cup predictions and cheer for their favorite teams.
  • Onmyoji’s autumn-themed sugoroku gacha contributed to a revenue increase of over 400%.
  • Sky: Children of the Light introduced a new season inspired by the music of Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora, with in-game rewards and an upcoming concert.

The mobile market in November witnessed remarkable collaborations, successful comebacks, and anniversary celebrations, showcasing the industry’s dynamic nature.

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