Mobile Market Trends: Battle Passes and Out-of-App Monetization Lead the Way

Mobile Market Trends: Battle Passes and Out-of-App Monetization Lead the Way

We’re only a couple of months into 2023, but the mobile market is already witnessing some intriguing trends gaining momentum. One of the most prominent trends is the introduction of new battle pass systems in popular games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Gossip Harbor, and Free Fire (now called Free Fire). Our predictions for 2023 indicated battle pass innovation as a significant trend in the mobile market.

In January, another trend that gained traction was out-of-app monetization. Mobile game publishers are encouraging users to make purchases through external web stores rather than in-game to avoid store fees. RAID: Shadow Legends took this a step further by introducing a new loyalty points system, offering double rewards for PC and Mac players.

Internationally, Eggy Party, a Fall Guys clone, continues to perform exceptionally well and has secured a top-three-grossing position. Game for Peace, the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, introduced a new home feature to tap into the hype around home decoration systems.

In the US market, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang took a different approach to monetization by testing an event battle pass plan instead of limited-time gachas. RAID: Shadow Legends implemented a new loyalty point system that favors PC and Mac players, aligning with the out-of-app monetization trend.

Gossip Harbor®: Merge & Story, a story-driven merge game, achieved significant growth in the US market with effective user acquisition strategies and engaging live events. Free Fire also revamped its battle pass, now called Booyah Pass, with auto-recurring subscription options and customizable rewards.

Triple Match 3D, a unique blend of Match 3D and Zen Match gameplay, has made its way into the top 50 grossing games in the US, showcasing impressive scaling.

In the Chinese market, Eggy Party and other Fall Guys clones have gained popularity and secured top positions in the grossing charts. Tencent’s Contra: The Return introduced a roguelike mode inspired by Survivor!.io and Vampire Survivors, while Game for Peace added a home decoration system to provide players with creative expression and social interaction.

Dragon Quest Tact celebrated its 2.5-anniversary with exciting events and a new co-op PvE mode. Blue Archive introduced a cooperative World Raid battle event, coinciding with real-life anniversary celebrations. LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum saw a revenue spike during New Year’s celebrations with a select box gacha.

In summary, the mobile market is witnessing the rise of battle passes and out-of-app monetization. Games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, RAID: Shadow Legends, and Free Fire are embracing these trends to engage and monetize players effectively. Additionally, top-grossing games like Eggy Party, Contra: The Return, and Dragon Quest Tact continue to captivate audiences with their innovative gameplay and content updates.

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