Parry Me Through The Dark: A Strayed Lights Review

Parry Me Through The Dark: A Strayed Lights Review

Introducing something new to me in action combat is rare, but Strayed Lights manages to captivate with its unique parry system. Set in a gorgeous alien world and accompanied by a dynamic score, this game offers a repetitive yet engaging experience. As a spark of light on a journey of transcendence, you must navigate the ethereal sci-fi world, confront your inner demons, and master the defense-focused combat style.

While the platforming can be lackluster, the real thrill lies in the combat. Switching between two colors to match your enemy’s attack and parry with precision adds depth to the battles. The addition of a third color and the need to dodge further intensify the challenge. The satisfying parrying mechanic becomes essential for survival, making each encounter a thrilling test of timing.

Collecting shards and exploring open areas for lore and upgrades adds to the satisfaction. However, the limited enemy variety is a drawback, though learning their attack patterns remains engaging. Regardless, the visual design and mesmerizing score create an immersive experience, even when gameplay falters.

Short yet sweet, Strayed Lights excels in its unique combat system and showcases the importance of a solid foundation. With its simple, intuitive mechanics and stunning presentation, this debut from Embers shines brightly.

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