Revving Up with Lego 2K Drive: A Review of Blocky Racing Fun

Revving Up with Lego 2K Drive: A Review of Blocky Racing Fun

Best known for their work on WWE and NBA games, Visual Concepts takes the wheel in 2K’s latest experiment, Lego 2K Drive. This high-octane racer offers a destructible world of brick-y environments and a kid-friendly narrative filled with fourth-wall-breaking fun.

Lego 2K Drive

The standout feature of the game is Bricklandia, a playful Lego landscape begging to be explored. With auto-morphing vehicles and a thrilling open-world playmat, the experience is exhilarating. The fusion of real-world objects and Lego constructs creates a delightful toy box atmosphere.

In your quest to become the Sky Cup Champion, you’ll encounter rival speedsters, each with their own unique driving skills. These charming characters provide new cars, perks, and a chance to earn Brickbux for purchasing new machines and parts. The garage also allows you to build your own vehicles, paying homage to Lego’s brick-building origins.

As you navigate Bricklandia’s diverse biomes, On-The-Go Events offer pockets of absurd fun, while the game’s witty dialogue keeps you giggling. However, some intense missions can distract from the humor. The must-win races can be punishing, with devastating pickups and frustrating slow downs when you veer off track.

Lego 2K Drive’s couch co-op is a delightful surprise, allowing you and a partner to explore the open world together. Collaboration eases the frustration of certain missions, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Unfortunately, the game’s storefront, Unkie’s Emporium, introduces microtransactions that can be troubling for its younger audience. While the option to earn items through grinding exists, the temptation to purchase premium currency remains.

Despite a few bugs and frustrating missions, Lego 2K Drive builds an inviting world of speed and silliness. Its absurd narrative, irreverent dialogue, and open-world challenges make for an enjoyable ride. However, the overshadowing presence of microtransactions dampens the experience.

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