Tapping into TikTok Trends: Boosting Success for Casual and Hyper-Casual Mobile Games

Tapping into TikTok Trends: Boosting Success for Casual and Hyper-Casual Mobile Games

Introduction: Competition in the mobile game market is fierce, especially for developers of casual and hyper-casual games. With thousands of new games and apps targeting these audiences releasing daily, capturing and retaining players’ attention is a challenge. To increase their game’s chances of success, developers are finding inspiration in wider social trends and creating gaming experiences that resonate with these trends. TikTok, the popular short-form video platform, has emerged as a trendsetter and a valuable source of inspiration for casual and hyper-casual game developers.

Fidget Trading 3D

Finding Trends on TikTok: TikTok’s strong connection with the gaming community and its role as a trendsetting platform make it an ideal source for game inspiration. Developers who have experimented with video content, such as video ads, understand the value of engaging short-form videos. By leveraging TikTok’s most popular trends, game developers have successfully created original games that appeal to gamers and viewers engaging with viral content.

Successful Examples:

  1. Fidget Trading 3D: Fidget Toys: TikTok revived the popularity of fidget toys, and game developers took notice. They created games like Fidget Trading 3D, where players trade fidget toys in a simple and engaging manner. Leveraging TikTok’s trend, Fidget Trading 3D gained massive success, reaching the top position in various global markets. By aligning with popular trends, game developers can achieve visibility and familiarity among millions of potential players.
  2. High Heels!: High Heels! became a sensation on TikTok, with players flooding the platform with videos of its addictive gameplay. By capitalizing on meme trends and the #highheels hashtag, the game garnered over 100 million downloads in just 11 months. Its simple mechanics, visual style, and inclusive character options contributed to its success.

Increasing Engagement and Long-Term Retention: Apart from understanding player motivations and incorporating appealing game mechanics, developers must focus on sustaining engagement and increasing long-term retention. A hybrid approach to game design is gaining popularity in the casual/hyper-casual space. This approach involves incorporating meta layers, social elements, and LiveOps into games.

Meta Layers: Developers can hybridize games by adding meta layers, which bring progression and diversity to the gameplay. Meta layers include features like construction and customization mechanics, collectible items/characters, light RPG mechanics, and narrative elements. Collection systems, in particular, have shown great synergies with LiveOps and provide opportunities for monetization.

Social and LiveOps: Introducing social elements and connections within games enhances retention. Guild mechanics and competitive events encourage players to form communities and engage in shared gameplay. Simple solo-based games can incorporate light competitive elements through live ops, driving engagement and monetization. Operating live events and offering short-term goals further boost engagement and retention.

Tools for Game Launch and Improvement: To guide the launch of new games, developers can leverage TikTok’s Creative Center and the TikTok Creator Marketplace. These tools provide insights into trending hashtags, songs, creators, and videos, as well as opportunities for collaboration. GameRefinery’s SaaS platform offers analysis of market trends, feature implementations, and LiveOps best practices, helping developers make informed decisions and improve their games.

Conclusion: By tapping into TikTok trends and leveraging the power of creators, game developers can enhance their game’s visibility and appeal. Understanding player motivations, incorporating meta layers and social elements, and utilizing tools like GameRefinery contribute to long-term engagement and success. By following these strategies and staying informed about market trends, developers can create games that captivate and retain players in the competitive mobile game market.

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