The Power of Renovation and Construction Elements in Casual Mobile Games

The Power of Renovation and Construction Elements in Casual Mobile Games

Mobile game developers are constantly seeking innovative ways to attract and engage players. One highly effective method is incorporating meta elements, such as gameplay mechanics from other genres, into their games. Among these meta elements, renovation and construction features have emerged as extremely popular in casual mobile games. This article explores the appeal of these elements, their impact on player engagement, and their implementation in various game genres.

Room renovation and completion (Home Design Makeover)

The Player Motivations behind Renovation and Construction Elements: By analyzing the motivations of casual players, it becomes evident that completing milestones and customization and decoration are key drivers. Renovation and construction elements directly cater to these motivations, allowing players to express themselves by decorating and renovating game environments according to their preferences. The sense of accomplishment derived from these activities enhances player engagement and satisfaction.

The Appeal of Renovation and Construction Elements: Renovation and construction elements have gained widespread popularity across various platforms, including mobile ads and console/PC games. The inherent satisfaction derived from cleaning up and accomplishing tasks contributes to their appeal. Notably, mobile games like Animal Crossing have successfully incorporated cleaning and housework as integral components. Consequently, game developers have recognized the potential of these elements in mobile games.

Implementation Styles of Renovation and Construction Elements: Renovation and construction elements are implemented in different ways depending on the core gameplay mechanics and narrative nature of the game. They can be categorized into the following styles:

  1. Single Area Renovation (e.g., Homescapes, Merge Mansion, Lily’s Garden): Players renovate specific areas by selecting styles from a set of choices, with a strong emphasis on narrative elements.
  2. Room Renovation and Completion (e.g., Home Design Makeover, Project Makeover): Players renovate and decorate rooms, progressing through chapters that intertwine with the game’s story.
  3. Area Renovation with No Choices (e.g., Royal Match): Basic renovation mechanics with limited story options.
  4. Event-Based Renovations (e.g., Phase 10, Gummy Drop, Toon Blast): Renovation elements introduced as limited-time game modes through events and updates.

Best Game Genres for Renovation and Construction Elements: While construction and renovation elements can be integrated into various game genres, Match3 games are particularly well-suited, with 42% of top-grossing Match3 games featuring these elements. Examples like Royal Match and Zen Match demonstrate the successful combination of renovation features within the core loop of puzzle mechanics.

Latest Trends in Renovation and Construction Games: The evolution of renovation and construction elements is an ongoing process for game developers. Lily’s Garden, for instance, introduced a unique Home Design mode, which presents 2D room pictures for renovation instead of the traditional top-down view. Homescapes has focused on player customization and renovation through events, such as the recent Dream Date update. These trends showcase the versatility and adaptability of renovation and construction meta elements.

Considerations for Implementing Renovation and Construction Elements: When incorporating these elements into a game, developers must carefully consider their implementation methods to align with the game’s core mechanics and player preferences. Games with a narrative focus can follow the room renovation and completion style, while others may opt for event-based introductions to gauge player response. The GameRefinery platform provides valuable insights and inspiration by comparing successful examples of renovation and construction elements in casual games.

Conclusion: Renovation and construction elements have proven to be highly engaging and popular among players of casual mobile games. By leveraging these meta elements effectively, game developers can attract new players and enhance player retention. The flexibility and adaptability of these elements across various game genres offer exciting opportunities for innovation and creative expression.

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