The Rise of Stumble Guys and Eggy Party: Fall Guys-inspired Mobile Games

The Rise of Stumble Guys and Eggy Party: Fall Guys-inspired Mobile Games

Mobile game clones that mimic popular titles from other platforms have become increasingly common. Stumble Guys and Eggy Party are two mobile games that have taken inspiration from the popular PC and console game Fall Guys. While Fall Guys hasn’t been released on mobile devices, these two clones have gained significant popularity by introducing new gameplay features and captivating mobile players.

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Why isn’t Fall Guys on Mobile? Despite the immense success of Fall Guys on PC and consoles, its publisher, Mediatonic, has not announced any plans to release the game on mobile devices in the West. BiliBili, a Chinese company, secured the rights to publish a mobile version of Fall Guys, but its availability in the West might be delayed due to Mediatonic’s legal battle with Apple. Nonetheless, the success of Stumble Guys and Eggy Party proves there is a market for this genre among mobile players.

Stumble Guys vs. Eggy Party: Similarities and Differences: Stumble Guys, developed by Kitka Games and later acquired by Scopely Games, closely resembles Fall Guys in terms of visual style and gameplay mechanics. It supports up to 32 players in a knock-out party game format, featuring multiple rounds of obstacle courses. Stumble Guys also introduced additional features like customizable parties and tournaments, making it more focused on competitive gameplay.

Eggy Party, published by Netease, takes the Fall Guys formula and adds its own unique twists. With a visually impressive design, the game features 32 egg-shaped characters competing in various maps. Eggy Party introduces RPG-like mechanics, allowing players to unlock passive and active skills, adding a layer of strategy to the gameplay. The game also offers additional gameplay modes, including PvE options and looping live-event modes.

Monetization Strategies: Both Stumble Guys and Eggy Party adopt similar monetization methods to Fall Guys, such as battle pass purchases, in-game currency for cosmetic items, and limited-time collaborations. Stumble Guys also incorporates incentivized ads and forced ads, which can be removed by purchasing the starter pack. Eggy Party’s revenue is driven by its battle pass and limited-time gacha events.

Player Motivations and Community: Stumble Guys taps into the competitive nature of players, offering special emotes, tournaments, and various gameplay modes to keep them engaged. It has gained a large and active community, surpassing Fall Guys in terms of Discord members and total downloads. Eggy Party’s success in the Chinese iOS market demonstrates its appeal to players, and a worldwide release under the name “Eggy Go” is planned.

Conclusion: Stumble Guys and Eggy Party have successfully capitalized on the popularity of Fall Guys, offering mobile players a similar experience with added features and improvements. While Fall Guys’ mobile release remains uncertain, these clones have demonstrated the demand for this genre on mobile platforms. With their unique elements and engaging gameplay, Stumble Guys and Eggy Party have carved their own path in the mobile gaming landscape.

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