Tower of Fantasy: A Genre-Shifting MMORPG with Social Emphasis

Tower of Fantasy: A Genre-Shifting MMORPG with Social Emphasis

Tower of Fantasy, released globally in August 2022, garnered attention with its “Genshin with an MMO experience” tagline. Developed by Hotta Studio and published by Perfect World and Level Infinite, this new MMORPG presents players with a distinctive anime art style reminiscent of Genshin Impact. However, Tower of Fantasy sets itself apart by offering an open sci-fi world on the planet Aida, contrasting with Genshin Impact’s fantasy setting.

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The vast open-world of Tower of Fantasy provides players with various means of exploration, including climbing walls, swimming in rivers, gliding in the skies, battling enemies, and solving puzzles. While both games share these mechanics, the key divergence lies in their genres. Genshin Impact is primarily an action RPG, whereas Tower of Fantasy emphasizes its MMORPG label. This genre shift distinguishes Tower of Fantasy from its competitor, ensuring a unique gameplay experience.

In terms of co-op gameplay, Tower of Fantasy places a greater emphasis on social elements compared to Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact allows players to explore the open-world together with up to three friends, requiring invitation and an Adventure Rank level of 16. In contrast, Tower of Fantasy facilitates seamless free-world roaming and interaction with other players right from the start. Players can intuitively meet others in the shared open-world, engage in exploration, and collaborate in defeating enemies. Additionally, Tower of Fantasy incorporates a chat feature for socialization, enabling players to coordinate activities and seek assistance.

The cooperative aspects of Tower of Fantasy extend beyond the open-world. The game offers various co-op PvE modes, such as eight-person Raids and four-player Dimensional Trials. These modes support jump-in co-op gameplay, eliminating the need for lengthy matchmaking processes. Furthermore, Tower of Fantasy introduces a balanced PvP mode called Apex League, featuring seasonal rankings and rewards.

One notable feature exclusive to Tower of Fantasy is the guild system, known as Crews. By joining guilds, players unlock additional benefits, including weekly rewards of premium currency and access to the guild shop for various items. Guilds serve as a platform for player interaction, fostering social connections within the game. They can be formed with random players encountered in the open-world, enhancing the MMO experience.

Despite its promising social elements, Tower of Fantasy has faced criticism regarding player encounters in the open-world. Some players and analysts have noted a lack of interaction with other players, resulting in a less immersive MMORPG experience. However, this may be attributed to server-related issues, which developers have the opportunity to address. When the open-world is populated with other players, Tower of Fantasy truly distinguishes itself from Genshin Impact’s predominantly single-player focus, providing opportunities for spontaneous encounters and group activities.

Tower of Fantasy excels in offering numerous cooperative game modes and an extensive guild system, encouraging social engagement even during single-player progression. It provides players with more options to involve others in their gaming experience compared to Genshin Impact.

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