Unleash the Power of GameRefinery Event Tracking for Enhanced LiveOps

Unleash the Power of GameRefinery Event Tracking for Enhanced LiveOps

Elevate LiveOps with GameRefinery’s Revolutionary Live Events Tracker

In 2022, GameRefinery prioritized customer support and learning, leading to the development of an invaluable tool that dominated conversations: LiveOps. As the year progressed, a clear vision emerged, resulting in the creation of the GameRefinery Live Events Tracker.

GameRefinery Live Events Tracker LiveOps tool

What is the Live Events Tracker? Combining the best aspects of GameRefinery, the Live Events Tracker offers a comprehensive view of the features and live events employed by top developers in their games. This powerful tool enables you to analyze and understand the live events landscape through a calendar view with detailed event breakdowns.

How does it work and where does the data come from? The Live Events Tracker leverages our dedicated analyst teams who play games daily, providing a 360-degree view of the events, their mechanics, and durations. With our platform, you gain access to meticulously documented event data, including screenshots and analyst comments.

Unleashing the Potential of the Live Events Tracker The Live Events Tracker serves two primary purposes: discovery and research. For those seeking to explore competitors’ LiveOps strategies, it offers comprehensive analysis, trend identification, and pattern recognition. It’s an excellent resource for mapping out LiveOps requirements and content for your own projects. Additionally, for games already in LiveOps, it provides an invaluable in-game level view to learn from competitors and enhance your own strategies.

Rich Data Insights at Your Fingertips The Live Events Tracker provides a wealth of information for each tracked game event, including the LiveOps features utilized, analyst insights, screenshots, and historical event instances. Furthermore, on a game level, you can explore download and revenue changes, top in-app purchases, and public availability of client/feature patches and game versions. Analyzing multiple games or genres allows you to gain valuable statistics, such as average daily events, most popular event types, and average durations per event type.

Unlock the Potential of GameRefinery’s Live Events Tracker Access to the Live Events Tracker is now available for both new and existing users. Contact our sales team to upgrade your GameRefinery package and gain access to the wealth of live event data.

Discover, analyze, and optimize your LiveOps strategies with GameRefinery’s revolutionary Live Events Tracker.

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