Unveiling the Voracious Appetite of “It” Consumes

Unveiling the Voracious Appetite of “It” Consumes

Delve into Darkness: Unveiling the Unique Twist of “It Consumes”

Every seasoned FPS enthusiast has experienced the thrill of an intense arena shooter, battling for survival in a confined space teeming with adversaries. But what you may not know is that a dark and twisted twist awaits you in “It Consumes,” a newly announced arena battler that challenges convention.

Developed solely by Chris Parbery and soon to be released on PC via Steam, “It Consumes” takes an unconventional approach to the FPS Arena genre. Where clear visibility is typically crucial, this game flips the switch and plunges players into total darkness. To survive and endure in this eerie abyss, you must quickly adapt your playstyle and rely on demonic sonar to navigate the Lovecraftian horrors lurking within.

In essence, “It Consumes” is a roguelike arena-FPS set in a pitch-black environment. Employ your demonic sonar to illuminate your surroundings and reveal the malevolent entities that dwell within. With each descent into the abyss, upgrade your abilities and unveil hidden secrets that may aid you on your treacherous journey. And remember, as a roguelike, complacency is your worst enemy. Every run will bring new challenges, rendering memorization futile. Prepare for a paradigm shift and readjust your strategies accordingly.

Featuring a distinct visual design, “It Consumes” presents a highly stylized world viewed through pulses of sonar. Your enemies will emerge briefly as a foreboding red wave washes over them, only to vanish seconds later. Mastering the timing of these pulses is crucial to striking down your foes. Fail to adapt swiftly, and you will be left to rely solely on sound, a deceptive guide in the absence of sight.

If the prospect of vanquishing adversaries in the dark enthralls you, add “It Consumes” to your Steam wishlist now. Embrace the challenge of obliterating your foes with the lights off, a perfect endeavor for aficionados seeking an unconventional and exhilarating experience. As dedicated roguelike enthusiasts, we thrive on masochistic challenges, making “It Consumes” an enticing feast for those craving something out of the ordinary.

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