Top Mobile Games with Halloween Events: Inspiring LiveOps Strategies

Top Mobile Games with Halloween Events: Inspiring LiveOps Strategies

Mobile game developers have numerous calendar opportunities to leverage for building events and updates as part of their LiveOps strategies. Halloween, traditionally celebrated on October 31, presents a prime occasion for mobile game studios to incorporate Halloween-themed elements into their games. By introducing new story content, game modes, or seasonal cosmetic items, game studios can give their games a Halloween makeover and engage players in exciting ways.

Clash of Clans 2022 Halloween event

Several mobile games have effectively utilized Halloween events in 2022, showcasing innovative approaches to attract players and generate revenue. Here are some standout examples:

  1. Diablo Immortal 2022 Halloween Event: Diablo Immortal, known for its dark and undead-themed gameplay, launched its first seasonal event, Hallow’s Wake, during Halloween. The event introduced a limited-time extravaganza filled with fright and delight, where players were tasked with eliminating ghoulish enemies and collecting Hallowed Stones. These stones could be exchanged for spooky rewards, including Halloween-themed emotes and cosmetic items. Additionally, the event featured limited-time bundle offers and introduced new materials for crafting rare items.
  2. Clash of Clans: Halloween 22 Event: Supercell successfully timed Clash of Clans’ Halloween event alongside a major update, maximizing its reach. The Halloween update offered a limited-time in-app purchase for a new Halloween base skin, themed units, and two challenges of varying difficulty. By incorporating these Halloween elements, Clash of Clans provided new revenue opportunities and generated content for Halloween guides.
  3. Mario Kart World Tour: Halloween Tour: Mario Kart World Tour introduced the Halloween Tour, updating its single-player mode with Halloween-themed skins for characters and race karts, as well as adding Halloween items and race courses. The game’s UI received a Halloween makeover, further immersing players in the festive atmosphere. Halloween-themed cosmetic items could be purchased using the game’s premium currency, rubies, presenting an additional monetization avenue. The Halloween update significantly boosted daily revenue, partly due to increased rubies received from in-app purchases.
  4. Gran Saga (グランサガ): Mirage Nightmare: NPixel’s MMORPG, Gran Saga, delivered a massive Halloween update that led to a significant spike in daily revenue. The update introduced the Mirage Nightmare story event, featuring limited-time mounts, weapons, and costumes. The game world received a Halloween makeover, and players could participate in challenges to earn special rewards. In addition, new features, including gacha mechanics and a puzzle event, enhanced player engagement.

To ensure the success of Halloween updates, mobile game developers should consider the following tips:

  1. Halloween-themed cosmetics are a significant revenue driver. Offering discounted prices during the Halloween season for skins and reverting them to full price after the update can boost sales.
  2. Think creatively about monetization by introducing Halloween-themed battle passes, special event tasks, missions, and story modes. Consider implementing a special event currency and store to complement your game’s existing in-app purchase offers.
  3. Promote your events through social media to showcase rare event skins and encourage players to share their in-game trophies. Implementing challenges and progressive elements can generate content for mobile websites and attract high volumes of traffic.

By carefully planning and analyzing successful Halloween updates, mobile game developers can create engaging experiences, drive revenue, and remain competitive in the market.

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